What is “Coastland Club”?

Hey there! I’m Dana and I’m so happy we’ve found each other through this weird but amazing thing called the internet. COASTLANDCLUB.COM is my latest venture; a blog catered to women who work from home and/or own small businesses. I will be sharing weekly lifestyle posts including the never-ending renovation of our home, our travels as a family + all the things involved in owning a creative business. You can read more about me here.

You’ll most likely enjoy reading Coastland Club if you…

  • have a deep love for travel
  • never say no to coffee
  • love efficiency and are probably a little Type A (ok, a lot type A)
  • have a craving for simplicity
  • are completely infatuated with your children
  • are always on the hunt for your next favorite book
  • appreciate history and traditions
  • have been described as both “indecisive” and “stubborn”

and most of all, if you