Our Trip to Harbour Island

Kolton and I first visited Harbour Island pre-baby, back in 2014. I had never heard of it, but when you’re married to someone whose island-obsessed, you’re bound to learn about it eventually. It’s one of the most colorful island you’ll find – with pink sand beaches (yes, when you scoop the sand in your hand it really is pink), rich history, friendly people, and crystal clear water.

The trip we took this year was a lot different with an almost one-year-old in tow, but still one of the best. We flew into Ft Lauderdale and then on to Eleuthera, where we took a boat taxi to Harbour. It’s a long travel day for sure, but it’s so worth it once you’re there.

Scroll through to see where we stayed, what we did, and what we saw as a family.

Where We Stayed

I told you it was colorful, right?

The first time we visited Briland we stayed in a room at The Landing. We both loved it; the India Hicks styling, with a restaurant downstairs where we would sit on the porch and watch the small boats unload on the bay while we ate breakfast. This trip we needed a lot more room – the whole Stanley Clan came along means 6 adults, 1 kid + 1 baby. We ended up renting The Hatch for the week. I feel like renting a house over staying at a hotel has a lot of pros; I feel like I’m really staying wherever I am. Sure, there’s no room service, but there’s an equipped kitchen so we could get groceries and stock the fridge (kind of a must for me.)

The best part of Harbour Island is that it’s sooo small (3.5 miles x .5 miles small), so you don’t need to rent a car, just a golf cart. While we were going back and forth from the beach we saw The Coral House getting its final touches and it turned out adorable. The owner is blogger Chassity of Look Linger Love, go see!

harbour island travel guide the hatch

Bringing Story along meant lots of hours of naptime back at the house. Which I spent sitting by the pool, drinking rosé, and reading Treasure Island. I haven’t bought any since we’ve been back, but the rosé I had at the house was infused with clementine and I STILL think about it! Like, once a week.

What We Did

This island has a lot to offer, but you come here for the beach hands down. So that’s exactly what we did.

harbour island drone

Poor Story is squinty in every photo we took – we promise this kid loved it.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure we went to the beach every day. One or two mornings it rained but we just got some slow breakfast + coffee at Cocoa Coffee House and headed over in the afternoon.

We ate. A lot. Pastries from Arthur’s Bakery, lunch at Sip Sip, food from the Piggly Wiggly, the Ginger Fro at the Landing (the best cocktail, if you like ginger. I’ve tried recreating it at home but it’s just not the same). By far our favorite meal was an early dinner at the Dunmore.

That “Songs of Calypso” record plays in Story’s room whenever we need some tropics in the house. It’s great bringing back something tangible from your trip, but music is the best!

Everyone who visits the Dunmore snaps a photo of this bathroom, and with good reason. We each individually agreed this was our favorite meal, and we ended up coming back for lunch one more day.

What We Saw

The island is small, but a surprising amount of things to do. There are little shops, overgrown spots for exploring, the “Lone Tree”, and the island of Eleuthera right next door is just a short boat ride away. If you’re on the beach you’ll definitely see this guy with his horses, too.

It feels like there are endless photos and videos from this trip! Endless. Also, Story looks so tiny here! *sobs*

I’m going to write a separate post about being on a small island with a baby – what was easy, what was hard, what went right + what went wrong. We only ever bring carry-ons, and I feel like we packed just the right amount, so maybe a packing list too? Do you have any trips planned? I want to hear about it! And also how to curate through 400+ photos. Send help.

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