Our Winter Morning Routine

We’ve been taking our mornings leisurely this winter, with fresh coffee and cartoons. Could we be more productive? Of course. I prefer being strict with my routine, rather than a strict schedule.

I could spend hours reading about other people’s routines (really, it’s odd) so I thought it was time to share mine. I work from home 95% of the entire year, with winter being my offseason. Mornings are for being a Mom, afternoons/naps are for working at my desk, and nights are for unwinding + spending time as a family. This is what our Winter Morning Routine has been these past couple months!


Story (our 19-month old) acts as our alarm clock. Her room is next to ours, so we hear her start waking up around now.


Kolton takes Story out of her crib and brings her to bed with me. He’ll put on something soft + quiet, like Winnie the Pooh or Charlotte’s Web. Honestly, at this time, I’m in a daze and pretty much still sleeping. It lets me have an extra 5-10 minutes of sleep and I’m telling you: it’s glorious. Story usually pats my face to say good morning which is one of my favorite parts of the day.


Second favorite part of the day: my husband brings up Story’s bottle and my hot coffee he just made. Yeah, he’s the best. This winter we caved and got a Ninja coffee maker for the house; we were spending way too much money on getting coffee out, and making coffee at home is so much nicer. Kolton just got me a Yeti Rambler so that my coffee stays hotter longer, its perfect!


By now Kolton has left for work, and I’m sort-of-kind-of coherent with some coffee in me. Did you know the morning isn’t the best time to drink coffee? The people that wrote this article are nuts.

I really, really try to go through this list of things before we head downstairs. It happens unless there’s something different going on than an average day. The absolute first thing I do is open all the blinds. It’s an obvious thing, but it’s turned into such an important ritual for me now and you may laugh, but there are 5 windows in our bedroom. It’s a thing! Then I’ll go onto:
Change Story’s diaper + outfit
Make the bed (why does this change your entire day? So strange.)
Get dressed
Put minimal makeup on


This is my “time goal” to be downstairs, but sometimes things just take longer. C’est la vie. Laying out my + Story’s clothes the night before helps make this happen.

Once we’re downstairs, Story heads right for the basket of toys in the living room (because she hasn’t seen them in HOURS) and I head into the kitchen to make breakfast. This is the time of day where Story is the happiest playing by herself, so I try to take full advantage.

I alternate back and forth between a very “cooked” breakfast (like scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, etc) and something fast + easy (toaster waffles or leftovers from the day before). If Story starts wandering into the kitchen, its usually because she wants me to hand her a banana, so I make sure I have those on hand.

If I’m struggling with breakfast ideas, I think of the ABCs. For example, avocado berries + chicken, dates eggs + feta. You come up with some really random combinations, which helps make a good eater. Nothing is off limits for breakfast; if we have leftover turkey chili, we’ll eat that with some eggs.


Story and I sit down for breakfast together every. single. morning. It’s an important part of our routine, and the best Story eats all day, so I try to make this a big meal. Once the afternoon comes it seems like she’s only interested in snacking, just another thing we’ve been battling as of late.

At this point, my coffee is still hot (yay!) and I’ve carried my book down from our bedroom so I can read a few pages and settle my mind. If I’m behind on e-mails, I’ll bring my laptop over instead to tackle my inbox. This time is very quiet for us, and I laugh sometimes when I look up to see Story just eating and in deep thought, it seems.

If we’re spending the day out, we can usually get going by 9:30AM. If we have nowhere to be, sometimes we just stay at home. There are trains tracks to be strewn, stuffed animals to be kissed, paper towels to be eaten (that’s a post for another day. Really?)

Do your mornings look similar? Are they drastically different?

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